Business Development Coordinator – Doctoralia Phone – Curitiba

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Título: Business Development Coordinator – Doctoralia Phone

Cidade/Estado: Curitiba / Paraná



DocPlanner is the leading global healthcare booking platform. We serve over 50 million patients and over 5 million bookings every month. The company boasts a team of more than 1.300 based across offices in Warsaw, Istanbul, Rome, Bologna, Barcelona, Mexico City and Curitiba. With a mission to make the healthcare experience more human, we provide free doctors review and bookings for patients via our online marketplace. In addition, we offer doctors and clinics a SaaS tool used to optimize their patient flow, reduce no-show and digitalize their practices in order to be able to spend more time with the patients and ultimately improve healthcare experience outcomes!

With our most recent financing round () we have ample resources to scale and reach our ambitious goals. For more information, visit us on

What are we looking for?

Someone with a business oriented vision mindset and background, leadership experience, stakeholders relationship, data driven and enough energy to help us conquer our dreams and deliver the best customer experience through our Phone product.


  • Help us build out and manage the Brazilian Doctoralia Phone business, including operations, product localization, and regulatory matters;
  • Manage, develop, and lead a team including shaping the strategy in Brazilian market and defining hiring needs in the market;
  • Research and keep it up on market & competitor trends in the telecom products area;
  • Plan and manage projects, manage the risks involved, calculate budgets, costs, time and teams working on ongoing projects;
  • Maintaining ongoing contact with clients, keeping track of client feedback and recommending product improvements;
  • Diagnose, experiment and deploy solutions looking to improve rider lifecycle conversion and experience, as well as engaging and up/cross selling our portfolio products within our products;
  • Identify and flag any product or marketing improvements required to optimize our solutions and engage relevant internal departments.

  • Degree in business studies (or similar) and at least 5+ years experience in working in a senior sales or consulting role for several years, selling B2B/telecom solutions, post-graduate will be a differential;
  • Desirable have worked in a Startup company;
  • Good leadership and team development experience (+10 people and growing);
  • Strong competency in delivering creative solutions to overcome customer objections and ability to negotiate mutually beneficial commercial contracts;
  • Ability to proactively deliver a new business strategy and actions in a fast-paced environment;
  • Ability to analyze and interpret complex customer data and using CRM (we use HubSpot) systems and Excel/Google Sheets as part of the daily role;
  • Experience with indicators, dashboards, process management;
  • Logical and analytical thinking;
  • Problem solving and results oriented;
  • Decision making but also hands-on;
  • Fluent in Portuguese and English, spoken and written, and Spanish will be a plus.
  • Benefits

    What will you find?

  • Leave your comfort zone – There were a handful of us when we started. Now there are over 1300 of us on 4 continents. We learn and grow so the company can.
  • Focus on results, not tasks – No one can tell you what to do because.. no one has ever done it yet. Every day is a new challenge. No matter if it’s an evolution or revolution, you have all the power to start it.
  • Give feedback now, directly – We know very few mind readers. None actually. We don’t read the minds of our users. We A/B test. We don’t read the minds of each other. We ask for and give feedback.
  • Keep it simple – Right.
  • Do what you love – Alright, we work for the money. But once that is out of the way, why do you do what you do? We believe if you don’t see the meaning in what you do, you should stop right now.
  • Hustle, hit, never quit – We’ve been through the highs and lows in business and as a team. We are lucky to have a “losing sucks” syndrome. “Hustle, hit, never quit” in other words. And yes, Nike is better at PR with this one.
  • Equity – That’s right. To feel like an owner it’s best to be one.
  • Cool people – We get things done. We know our stuff. And have fun in the process =)
  • International development opportunities – It’s challenging and fun. Yes, we tested that.
  • And standard benefit package as:

  • Food allowance
  • Medical assistance
  • Dental assistance
  • Group Life Insurande
  • Gympass
  • Online Yoga classes
  • Stock Options


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