Regulatory Operations Supervisor – Ofícios Judiciais – São Paulo

Líder e Gestão


Título: Regulatory Operations Supervisor – Ofícios Judiciais

Cidade/Estado: São Paulo / São Paulo


Our Regulatory Operations TeamOur mission is to support the sustainable Nubank’s growth ensuring the KYC and Jud Orders process and regulatory routines are in comply with Regulatory requirements, challenging the status quo through: Promoting the best customer experience to our fanatic clients challenging the bureaucratics onboarding process ensuring a high quality standard of client data, as well as its regulatory adherence; Promptly replying to any enquiry from Judicial Courts contributing to a more ethical and fair society, understanding that it is also a key step to promote Brazil and Nubank’s solid and trustworthy growth; Being diligent and resilient following Nubank’s principles; In order to achieve that, we are responsible for supporting all activities related to Judicial Orders whenever our client is the defendant. Along with the controlling aspect, we are in charge of Sisbajud, CCS, Simba and all judicial orders/ enquiries, mainly related to bank secrecy breach and amount’s unavailability/ freezing. Typical responsibilities assigned to you might include: Implementing and identifying opportunities to Oficios Judiciais pack, tracking the indicator’s and promoting a secure communication with the team;Provide support to the team in order to review the Regulation about oficios Judiciais, in order to review judicial inquiries ;Building models/analysis to evaluate the efficiency of jud orders processes as well as its regulatory adherence;Identifying Jud orders operational workflow challenges and opportunities and use analytical tools to solve them;Follow the management queues and dashboards in order to ensure the enquiries have been duly promptly addressed and no regulatory gaps are found;Deploying projects to comply with key policies related to Jud orders scope and its operational routines (Circular 3454, Lei Complementar 105/01), Sisbajud and CCS;Partnering with our engineers, data scientists and designers to coordinate and prioritize tasks; Monitoring metrics and KPIs, facilitating communication within Nubank teams.Ensure the performance and development of the team. How We WorkWe believe in: Good team chemistry; Smart solver-problem; Enthusiasm for building and delivering new features and products; Capacity to keep learning new things while constantly improving what we are already good at; Collaborating efficiently to ship a great product experience to our customers. Requirements Law Bachelors Degree Fluent/ Advanced English; Robust knowledge in Oficios Judiciais routines and Regulatory policies related to Sisbajud, Breach of Secrecy (Circ. 3.454) and CCS. Previous experience in conducting Jud orders routines, e.g. subpoenas (Ofícios judiciais),Sisbajud, CCS and analysis of power of attorney/ legal documents for granting powers;Desirable background in financial institutions with good relationships with Órgãos Reguladores; Desirable experience in managing teams and projects .



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